How To Earn Money On Youtube

How To Earn Money On Youtube

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– Google Adsense – Sponsored Video – Affiliate Marketing – Merchandise shelf – Channel membership – Super Chat payme..........

YouTube’s eligibility criteria of monitization So, if you want to earn money on YouTube, you need to join YouTube partner program and to join  YouTube’s partner program, you need to fu..........

How To Earn Money On Youtube In 2022 There is no single way of earning on YouTube, So I will tell you some several ways of earning on YouTube – Google Adsense – Sponso.........

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We will Discuss About – How YouTubers Earn Money – What are CPM, RPM and eCPM – Career in YouTube  YouTube as a career – Future of YouTube – Conclusion

Merchandise shelf You must be at least 18 years old and have at least 10,000 subscribers to sell Merchandise from YouTube.

Super Chat payments When any viewer makes a comment, then there is very less chances of that comment being visible to the video creator, so youtube has come

Social media Promotion Step 1 First, add a Social media follow button’s to your YouTube so your audience can easily find your Social media accounts easily.

Step 2 Add your Social media accounts username into YouTube videos, so if your video get’s viral then there are many chances of  getting more followers on instagram, twitter, Facebook or whatever

Step 3 Consider creating a YouTube video to accompany to specific social media accounts to sharing customer video reviews or any other information

What are CPM, RPM and eCPM

– How Much Can I Make Money On Youtube – most paid yotubers –  YouTube’s eligibility criteria of monitization – How To Earn Money On Youtube

I bate you  Trust me, it will never happen because as the population is increasing the demand for the content is increasing, so fast