Mehndi or Henna is considered to be one of the most auspicious elements at a lot of festivals in India. At weddings, it’s a central element of the revelries.

The bride’s hands and feet are painted with henna around 2 days before the wedding! And then everyone anxiously waits to see how dark of the color henna paste leaves on her hands and feet

In Hindu weddings, a whole day is dedicated to the mehndi function. That’s the kind of cultural importance henna holds in the culture.

Muslim weddings consider mehndi application an important tradition. They, too, have a separate day dedicated to the mehndi function.

A gorgeous Arabic bel-art mehndi design just never goes out of style. We love how neatly it’s drawn with petite strokes for the boundary and filling

Starting on the base with a full floral pattern and carrying it to the top with mid-sized florals is giving this mehendi design a jaw-dropping look!

A modern age simple mehndi design decorated with new-age mehendi elements like dropping pinjaras, designed fingertips etc.

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